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Humans have three core cognitive-behavioral processes: 
  1. deciding
  2. acting
  3. learning
Adaptation comes from adjusting our decisions and actions based on what we learn. Improvements are adaptations that make things better. These processes---deciding, acting, learning---are fundamental to all human activities, and form the basis for continuous improvement.

At the organizational level these core processes are so important that every organization should have a program or office that includes the following expertise and training capabilities:
  1. decision quality (decisions, including budget priority-setting)
  2. project management (actions, especially agile methods)
  3. performance improvement (learning and adaptation)
If an organization does not focus on all three foundational areas, then it cannot realize its full potential as a learning organization.

Population health lean is an innovation and performance improvement management system that builds on the Toyota Production System (and related frameworks; see Figure), and includes decision quality and project management.
Population health lean is an integration innovation and performance improvement management system

Population health is “a systems framework for studying and improving the health of populations through collective action and learning.” Lean thinking and practice is “systematically developing people to solve problems and consuming the fewest possible resources while continuously improving processes to provide value to community members and prosperity to society.”. Population health lean (PHL) is the integration of lean and results-based collective impact methods for transforming communities and organizations in service of our public health mission.

Population Health Lean Leadership Philosophy

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