I enjoy reading nonfiction books. The books below are recommended because I have found them to be very useful and/or transformative to my professional or personal life. The books on lean, leadership, and management are essential for any field. The population health data science books are more quantitative or technical. I have also included some non-book items.

Population health data science books

Decision sciences

For general decision analysis start with this outstanding book. The book is from the Strategic Decisions Groups affiliated with Stanford University. It is written for a general audience and is relevant for business and personal applications.

I consider this book the definitive book on decision analysis from Dr. Ron A. Howard, the Stanford Professor who pioneered the field. The book can be dense but absolutely worth it if you are serious about decision analysis.

Great user-friendly book on decision analysis for medical decision making. This is the latest edition of a classic that includes Markov modeling of disease states.

Great book for learning about multiple objective decision making applied to public health and medical decisions.

Data science

Dr. Judea Pearl is the 2011 winner of the ACM Turing Award, the highest distinction in computer science, "for fundamental contributions to artificial intelligence through the development of a calculus for probabilistic and causal reasoning." He has transformed the fields of data science, epidemiology, statistics, computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence. This book on causal inference is a must read for all who aspire to stay current with this rapidly changing field. Be sure to review published errata.

This is a brilliant practical book on Bayesian networks for decision analysis, risk assessments, and epidemiology. Bayesian networks are also called structural causal models or probabilistic graphical models. You will develop a deep appreciation of their power and centrality for causal inference and epidemiologic thinking. You will also learn about the limitations of traditional, frequentist statistical approaches and be converted into a Bayesian thinker.

Results-based lean books

This is the key book to learn about Results-Based Accountability or RBA. RBA is a structured, disciplined approach to designing and deploying a collective impact initiative. The Clear Impact group is an international leader and innovator in the RBA. 

This is the classic book to learn about the Toyota Production System. It is a must read to learn about and understand the lean philosophy and culture of continuous improvement.

This is the best book to get exposed to lean health care from the inspiring work at ThedaCare.

Leadership books

If you are or aspire to be a public health leader you need to read this book. The authors cover 25 core leadership competencies that resonance with my expertise in public health. Public health leadership differs from other types of leadership because we have a social justice and ethical imperative, an enforcement/ regulatory role, and a legal authority role. Sometimes we must make high-stake decisions with multiple, completing objectives and trade-offs, and under time constraints and uncertainty. This book addresses these unique challenges facing public health leaders. I reviewed this book here

This is a modern book on leadership from a wise scholar. He leverages his expertise in psychology, the works of W. Edwards Deming and Chris Argyris, and the understanding of knowledge professions in a changing world. The book strengthens lean thinking especially with the coverage of Deming's "Profound Knowledge" (theores of knowledge creation, variation, psychology, and systems).

Peter Senge's classic book is a must read for anyone interested in organization dynamics and transformation. The 5th discipline is "system thinking" which integrates the first four: personal mastery, mental models, building shared vision, and team learning. You will learn about systems dynamic archetypes using causal loops

Management books

This is the only book on project management you will ever need. Get it! Read it! Understand what good project managers can do for you behind the scenes (work breakdown structures, network diagrams, Gantt charts, etc.).

Non-book items




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